Safe Haven and VPunks Partnership: The Age of Inheriti Integration and Gamification

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5 min readOct 28, 2021

Inheriti protocols have evolved to the first phase of integration (V1), unlocking additional marketing strategies for Safe Haven’s decentralized inheritance and personal backup solutions — VPunks are securing the survival of their digital ecosystem, by implementing DeFi inheritance and backup solutions via Inheriti integration, which is a revolutionary ‘NFT Punk’ blockchain project that was the first to implement a utility token, gaming concepts, and staking models on the VeChain Blockchain!

What is an Integration and How Will It Work?

An integration is when a platform or product, of a third-party vendor, can be accessed from the platform of the entity promoting services. There are many types of integrations, mostly involving API coding, but let’s keep it simple in this article and focus on the difference between full-integration and semi-integration of Inheriti. A full-integration would enable the user to create an Inheriti plan without leaving the platform of the promoter, while a semi-integration directs the user to the third-party’s platform. V1 of Inheriti integration will be a semi-integration, which also acts as a referral rewarding protocol, for businesses directing clients to establish plans on the web3 platform.

How is VPunks Integrating Inheriti within their Dapp?

VPunks will place a button/link on their platform, labeled as “Setup a DeFi Inheritance or Personal Backup Plan”. The exact placement and labeling of button/link will be decided by both tech teams while implementing the integration. When Inheriti’s integration can upgrade to full-integration status, which would be V2 of integration, then community members of the VPunks ecosystem will be able to establish an Inheriti plan without leaving the VPunks Dapp.

Why Should an Inheriti Plan be Made for NFTs?

It is no secret that gaming infrastructures are lucrative and here to stay! Especially when in-game items are transferable within blockchain gaming ecosystems, which are given their own identity in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), enabling each entity to have value and specific use cases in the metaverse. The value is mostly ordained by the supply and demand of the NFT itself, but it is not uncommon for NFTs to have many editions with the same features, which sometimes develop unique rarities and values stemming from the edition number or previous owner/holder — for example, if a celebrity held a particular edition of an NFT that has many other copies, then the general public might be willing to pay more. As hype and demand expands for NFTs, the value will enter exponential waves of appreciation, so it is safe to say that this is an entity worth securing. With already more than 5million BTC lost forever, caused by owner of estate losing access to private keys of wallet, it is imperative that investors start establishing decentralized inheritance and/or personal backup plans for digital assets (including NFTs)!

History of NFT Appreciation and Proof of Value:

At the start of VPunks journey, the minting floor originated at 390 VET per NFT, which increased in increments of 390 VET per every 1,000 VPunks minted; all VPunks were minted in eight days and the final wave of mints sold for 3,900 VET each. Since the VPunks marketplace went live, over 10,356 VPunks have been traded/bought, which equates to a total volume of +111.6 million VET. Shortly after the marketplace went live, VPunks released their VPU token and the intricacy of NFTs grew greater with staking protocols, giving them further use case that increases the possibility of price appreciation. It should be no shock that Punk-themed NFTs are highly sought after, such as CyrptoPunks selling for millions of dollars per NFT, which is probably why VPunk #7804 has already sold for 1M VET — imagine what the value of a VPunk NFT will be in a couple of years! After reading how NFTs maintain and appreciate, taking the necessary steps to protect such wealth should be first priority, which is how Inheriti can help solidify security protocols in the VPunks ecosystem.

Growth and Scalability:

Semi-integration of Inheriti, on platforms of partners, will generate faucets of mass adoption by exposing our solutions to new audiences. It will take time for such growth to display, but that is where scalability comes into play. First method of scalability for Inheriti integrations will be the addition of Inheriti Mobile, which is a mobile application enabling beneficiaries to claim plan shares on their mobile device, so that users will not have to wait for ordered SafeKeys to arrive for plan establishment — it will be as simple as purchasing the required amount of SHA to pay for plan, sending bought SHA to public address of your personal Comet wallet, filling out the necessary information pertaining to inheritance/backup plan, and prompting beneficiaries to login to Inheriti Mobile with their SafeID account for claiming shares held in the Inheriti Vault. After Negotium Network for the Inheriti Vault has been fully developed, we will then be able to shift towards full-integrations, specifically integrations that enable the user to establish a plan without moving from the partnered platform.

How Does This Benefit the VPunks and VeChain Ecosystem?

The DeFi solutions built by Safe Haven took numerous years to develop, patented/patent-pending in many jurisdictions, and the integrity of Inheriti is validated through third-party audits and bug bounty programs. This partnership and integration mitigates the headache and time of implementing such solutions for VPunks, which also helps with their scalability by providing our network and community resources built during the last four years. Setting forth such security standards gives the VeChain blockchain an advantage in the market, becoming the first blockchain to solidify decentralized inheritance and personal backup protocols.

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness:

To increase awareness for this partnership, Safe Haven has collaborated with VPunks to establish a gleam event — gleam events contain educational material, for teaching others about the solutions and projects being promoted, and each completed task rewards the participant with raffle tickets linked to a prize pool. This event will go live during the release of our next Flash Friday, make sure to join the Telegram channels of Safe Haven and VPunks so you do not miss out! Also, Tyler Doussan is hosting a Twitter Space, on Saturday at 7pm UTC, to showcase highlights of this partnership and steps moving forward — there will be a special guest present!

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!

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