Safe Haven Announces Key Changes to the Organization Structure

  • With better defined roles and responsibilities, the team can easily identify areas that require a role to be filled.
  • The scope of each vacancy can easily be developed with respect to currently filled roles.
  • We can quickly provide potential candidates with their expected responsibilities in any particular role.
  • A structured skill requirement criteria will allow for placement of qualified individuals, capable of easily onboarding into their role.
  • Safe Haven values expertise, trust, partnership, equality, and growth.
  • We work with talented people and want to provide an environment that motivates, challenges, inspires and develops them.
  • We provide our people with opportunities to grow and use their talents to make a real impact.
  • We care deeply about our community and strive for open, honest, and transparent communication based on mutual respect.



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Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Safe Haven provides advanced FinTech solutions powered by blockchain, and our own patent-pending protocols along with our ‘SafeKey’ HSM cold-storage devices.