Safe Haven & Matic Network Partner to Expand Digital Inheritance Solutions Throughout India

About Matic

Key Strengths and Features

  • L2 transactions secured by Plasma.
  • Zero effort deployment for existing Ethereum programmers.
  • Extremely low-cost transactions.
  • High throughput and fast (1–2 second) confirmation times.
  • Adoption exponentially increasing (more than 60+ DApps already on Matic).
  • Ideal solution for DeFi projects to overcome Ethereum’s performance bottlenecks.
  • Partnering with Indian state’s blockchain accelerator, T-Block Accelerator to assist Indian startups in building and scaling blockchain use cases
  • Partnering with Binance-owned, India-based cryptocurrency exchange WazirX to launch an Automated Market Maker Protocol on the Matic Network. This will help WazirX build and expand within the DeFi sector.
  • Hosting an Ethereum Meetup Series to raise awareness and help strengthen the Indian blockchain community

About Safe Haven

  • Inheriti — a decentralized platform for asset management and digital inheritance
  • ThorPay — a multi-payment platform built for complex payment processing conducted by third-parties such as businesses, developers, bounty organizations, and payment processors
  • ThorBlock — a solution for charities and fundraisers that helps users and organizations safely manage remittance and accounting of pooled funds
  • Comet — a browser wallet used for several ecosystem projects
  • SafeID — an identity provider that provides a secure method for login onto several platforms with a single username and password
  • SafeKey — a FIDO2 U2F hardware device for strong encryption, made reliable in partnership with NitroKey
  • Trust Alliance Network — and online hub for blockchain-related legal affairs



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Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Safe Haven provides advanced FinTech solutions powered by blockchain, and our own patent-pending protocols along with our ‘SafeKey’ HSM cold-storage devices.