Safe Haven & Nitrokey proudly announce the intention to co-develop and co-finance a full open-source hardware ledger.

Who is Nitrokey?

Nitrokey is a German based company that develops hardware to enable highly secure encryption.


Why Nitrokey?

Safe Haven praises high security and is convinced that the only way to achieve this, is to utilize software and hardware that is open source. Nitrokey shares those thoughts and together we want to revolutionize the current hardware ledger market.

● Open Source & Independent Security Assessment

  • Both hardware and software are open-source, free software and allow independent security reviews. Customizable, no vendor lock-in, no security via obfuscation, no hidden security issues!

● No Backdoors — No NSA

  • Installed firmware can be exported and verified, preventing attackers from inserting backdoors into products during shipping. Products are open-source and free of backdoors. Secret keys are generated only by you and we have no access to your private information.

Why Safe Haven needs to have hardware keys & ledgers?

One goal of this partnership is to implement a secure login mechanism into our digital inheritance platform for our legal entities using Nitrokey products.
Secondly, we want the store the private keys of our inheritable tokens (SHA & TAN) allowing us to utilize the safest measures possible. In order for us to guarantee this, we will not use non-open source products. Thus, the need to be able to offer our own ledger.


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