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To provide the community with heart-felt collectibles, Safe Haven has collaborated with VeSongs, AirWorthy, and DJ Burnz to mint music NFTs on the VeChainThor Blockchain. As producers, the collaborators above have dropped several NFT soundtracks for VeChain projects to include, VeThugs, MadV-Apes, StonerPunks, VeSongs. We support their individual efforts and respect their diligence in representing each project accurately, before producing a track.

Refresher: What is an NFT?

NFTs are tokens that have a specific ID enabling them to serve as utility parameters within DeFi ecosystems; in other words, when an NFT is minted on the blockchain it is given a token ID number, a number which can be embedded in smart contracts to inhibit or prohibit certain functions linked to online-platforms, metaverses, and physical property.

Which Platform is being Utilized for Minting the NFTs?

The music producers have minted all their VNFTs (VeChain NFTs) on the ‘World of V’ (WoV) platform, with editions limited to 100 mints. The special edition Safe Haven mints will follow the same methods employed prior. WoV is an NFT marketplace that utilizes fee delegation or sponsored gas, and opens their network to artists from any community — no gas required to mint, buy, sell, or transfer NFTs!

How Do I Obtain An NFT?

NFT editions #1–90 will be listed on the WoV marketplace, under ‘VeSongs’ Profile for 500 VET tokens per mint. After the first 90 NFTs have been met, the final 10 NFTs will be available for purchase via OTC with VeSongs — all OTC sales will be the equivalent of 1,000 VET in SHA tokens.

What Utility Do These NFTs Have?

VeGnomes — a within ecosystem project- has agreed to qualify NFT editions 91–100 — the OTC NFTs, for a whitelisting position in their NFT presale — any wallet holding an OTC NFT will be whitelisted for VeGnomes presale launch! In the future, we will look to provide utility for NFTs within the Safe Haven community, such as airdrops of other NFTs, discounts to specific platforms (including partnered platforms where possible), whitelisting positions, and entrance to VIP areas of Safe Haven meet-ups.

Rewarding the Minters!

Safe Haven has set aside 30,000 SHA tokens to reward three random minters with 10,000 SHA. After all NFTs have been minted, token IDs will enter a raffle system; the wallet that houses the token ID on its address, will be airdropped 10,000 SHA tokens. This amount has been established as it is the required amount necessary for establishing a decentralized inheritance plan via

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support. Be sure to keep up with our official channels!

But first of all we want to highlight these awesome NFT projects and talents:

VeSongs curates VNFT soundtracks for projects building with blockchain technology:

AirWorthy is the first community NFT Hiphop artist on World of V, whom is also the Founder of Ukiyoe Warriors:

DJ Burnz is a professional producer, affiliated with VeSongs and Airworthy, whom is also starting his own NFT project:

World of V (WoV) is a marketplace that enables projects and individuals to mint, buy, sell, and transfer VNFTs with fee delegation protocols:

VeThugs is a play-to-earn Grand Theft Auto themed blockchain gaming project, which utilizes the $VST token to function, and is associated with the BlackVeMarket:

StonerPunks is a play-to-earn 420 themed blockchain gaming project that primarily utilizes 1/1 edition characters:

MadV-Apes is an Ape themed blockchain VNFT project affiliated with VeSea marketplace:

VeGnomes is a Gnome themed VNFT project that is the first to mint Gnomes on the VeChain blockchain:

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