SafeNode Tutorial: How Link Your Wallet and Bind Your Node

  • Connect Node: 1,000,000 SHA
  • Harbor Node: 2,500,000 SHA
  • Consensus Node: 10,000,000 SHA
  • Legacy Node: 30,000,000 SHA
  • Open your VeChainThor mobile wallet
  • Click on the Me button in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Click Manage Wallets and select the wallet of your choice
  • Click Export Keystore and enter your VeChainThor wallet password
  • Click the Copy Keystore button at the bottom of the screen
  • Reopen your SafeNode app and paste your copied Keystore into the Keystore Content field
  • Add your VeChainThor wallet password in the Keystore Password field
  • Give your node a name in the New Wallet Name field
  • Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions by selecting each checkbox
  • Click the Link Wallet button and wait for the wallet to be validated



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