Inheriti Deep-Dive Series // 005 : Introducing Inheriti — An Overview of Key Features and Benefits

Inheriti Logo.

#1 — Multi-Purpose Capability (Digital Inheritance and Personal Backups)

With Inheriti, you can create a variety of digital inheritance plan structures to fit your own unique circumstances, such as the number of beneficiaries.

#2 — Multi-Wallet Storage

Inheriti will allow you to store private key information and data relating to multiple wallets and exchange accounts.

  • The current version allows storage of up to 500 characters, which means you can store seed phrases and passwords for multiple crypto wallets or exchange accounts
  • Inheriti isn’t limited to crypto based information also — you can use it to store secret family recipes, industrial formulas, GPS coordinates and so on.
  • The forthcoming release of Inheriti Vault will significantly increase the amount of data you can store, so you can choose to protect digital assets of almost any size including documents, images and even videos.

#3 — Fully Decentralized

Independent security audits undertaken in December 2020 by the leading firm of Cybersecurity Specialists Red4Sec confirmed that no private key data is held on any Safe Haven back-end systems or repositories.

Inheriti & Red4Sec Security Audit banner.

#4 — Fragmentation of Data

Inheriti uses an implementation of the Shamir Secret Sharing (SSS) cryptography scheme along with Safe Haven’s own (multiple patents pending) Secret Sharing Distribution Protocol (SSDP) to split the secret data into multiple ‘shares’ for maximum security.

Safe Haven’s SafeKey Devices.
Safe Haven’s Own FIDO2 / U2F ‘SafeKey’ Hardware Security Module (HSM) Cold-Storage Devices

#5 — Multi-Storage Layers

As a web3 platform, Inheriti uses a multi-layer distribution process that results in the storage of the separate secret data ‘shares’ across a mixture of storage media including the blockchain and cold-storage for maximum security.

#6 — Top-Level Security Protocols and Encryption

Along with the fragmentation of private key data, Inheriti uses a combination of high-level security measures and protocols that minimizes the likelihood of security breaches, as follows:

  • Inheriti’s client-based top-layer is written in Javascript which has certain in-built security features such as preventing reading and writing to disk, not allowing access to other browser windows or domains, and not allowing any actions that are not permitted by the browser itself.
  • All SafeKeys (and the data held within them) are protected by PINs that are stored using complex, salted SHA-256 hashing algorithms (preventing cleartext access) and a maximum PIN attempt counter that prevents brute force and rainbow table attacks.
  • All private key ‘share’ data that is stored on either the blockchain or on SafeKeys is encrypted (in-motion or at-rest) using the AES256 encryption standard — the first (and only) publicly accessible cipher approved by the NSA for information classified Top Secret. As of 2021, all known attacks appear to render a brute-force search of the key space infeasible on foreseeable classical and quantum computers.
  • Safe Haven maintains an ongoing commitment to undertake regular independent security audits with some of the best cybersecurity specialists around (including Red4Sec).
Graphic showing 2 year Bug Bounty Programme between Safe Haven and Intigriti.
  • Safe Haven is also undertaking a 24-month bug bounty campaign to ensure the ongoing security of the Inheriti platform in association with Intigriti, Europe’s premier ethical hacking and bug bounty organization.

#7 — Protection against Fraudulent Data Release

Inheriti has a number of secure fail-safe mechanisms to prevent any fraudulent attempts to recover your secret data while you — the ‘Owner of the Estate’ (OE) — are still alive.

  • When the recovery process to ‘merge’ the previously fragmented private key ‘shares’ is initiated, Inheriti will invoke various ‘Dead Man Switch’ (DMS) mechanisms that request you to respond within a set time period using a combination of methods (such as platform login or email responses).
  • As the Owner of the Estate, this affords you significant peace of mind as you are given multiple opportunities to confirm “I’m not dead yet”.
  • Only when no responses are received within the allotted period, will the platform release the all-important ‘Validator’ share from the blockchain so the merge process can commence.
  • At this point, the required number of Beneficiaries must also then come together with each of their shares on their separate SafeKey devices — before the shares can be recombined and decrypted — and the private key data revealed.

#8 — Optional Legal Professional Involvement

Inheriti uses a Separation of Roles concept that differentiates the role of a trusted individual (or organisation) tasked with initiating the data recovery ‘merge’ process — known as the ‘Merge Authority’ — as separate from the actual ‘Beneficiaries’ that you want to receive the secret data.

Graphic showing details of three worldwide Patents Pending.
Safe Haven Have Several Patents Pending in the US, Europe and China
Graphic showing Inheriti banner



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